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tratta radio in HF I(7)-5X:
11-03-19 20:15
Oggi 14:48
320 5X3C
yoctenna / yefa
Oggi 11:50
Oggi 11:50
da ik5nax
51 Antenne
Statistiche sull'uso di FT8 rispetti agli altri modi
16-03-19 13:03
Oggi 08:36
460 Generale
spedizioni idt
Ieri 17:21
Ieri 18:00
112 Generale
Some pictures
Ieri 15:25
Ieri 15:25
96 5X3C
Sei un vero radioamatore quando..
10-01-11 13:17
Ieri 11:44
da i4zsq
852,306 Mio Diodo, mi pentodo dei miei peccatodi...
choke RF
16-03-19 12:09
16-03-19 21:37
da i3mu
174 Autocostruzione
"Disturbo" da radar in 20m
13-03-19 17:50
16-03-19 14:55
197 Noise, pirates and odd signals on hamradio bands
Spiderbeam 5 bande
14-03-19 10:27
16-03-19 07:29
da iz4tnw
309 Antenne
QSO in banda 160m
15-03-19 09:21
15-03-19 23:11
103 5X3C
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Forum: radio-sport.net 02-05-13, 16:12
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Visite: 5,084
CQ WPX Contest unlike any other

http://www.radio-sport.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/cq_logo.jpgMy friend Tim, KT8K, loves the CQ WPX contests (http://www.cqwpx.com/). Why? Because with his prefix, he becomes a sought-after...
Forum: radio-sport.net 02-04-13, 17:44
Risposte: 0
Visite: 5,976
CQ WPX Webinar Answers Critical Questions

The following is a transcript of the embedded webinar recently done on the CQ WPX Contest

Randy: *********** Thank you Ken.* Good afternoon everyone.* Thanks for attending the webinar this...
Forum: radio-sport.net 28-03-13, 12:54
Risposte: 0
Visite: 3,062
Skimmer, the Rules and You

Peter Smith, N4ZR – A Special to Radio-Sport.net

When Jeff, N1SNB asked me to write something for the reincarnated radio-sport.net about CW Skimmer and the evolution of contest rules, at first I...
Forum: radio-sport.net 12-03-13, 06:42
Risposte: 0
Visite: 1,484
Contesters Seek the Double Sunspot Peak


Is the sun holding back on radio contesters around the globe? Could 2013-2014 be the true peak? These questions, near and dear to...
Forum: radio-sport.net 09-03-13, 20:11
Risposte: 0
Visite: 1,554
The ARRL SSB Contest ? Why It Might Not Be Your Favorite

Originally published on the YCCC email reflector on March 6, 2013. *Thanks to Pete, W1RM for allowing us to republish it here.

Peter, W1RM recalls…

“Think back to when you first started in...
Forum: radio-sport.net 19-02-13, 20:03
Risposte: 0
Visite: 1,198
NAQP SSB ? Next WRTC Event

NAQP SSB is slated for January 20, 2012. *This a WRTC 2014 (http://radio-sport.net/ham-radio-contesting/wrtc/) Qualifying event. *For past coverage of the event, links and analysis visit the NAQP...
Forum: radio-sport.net 19-02-13, 20:03
Risposte: 0
Visite: 3,638
New Horizons of Ham Radio: Remote Ham Radio in Contests

Guest Post by KL1A (http://www.cqdx.ru/ham/ham_radio/new-horizons-of-old-ham-radio-hobby/)

In this article I would like to share my personal experiences on the use of the remotely...
Forum: radio-sport.net 19-02-13, 20:03
Risposte: 0
Visite: 1,189
NA Sprint Set For Tonight

The North American CW Sprint is set to run tonight at 0000z. Often billed as one of the most challenging and intense contests of the year – this event is truly a love it or hate it as rapid fire...
Forum: radio-sport.net 19-02-13, 20:03
Risposte: 0
Visite: 1,412
Youth in Contesting

Where Are The Rookies and Young Contesters?

This past weekend during the annual running of the January NAQP CW it was great fun to get on the bands and enjoy connecting with contesting friends on...
Forum: Contesting 15-08-12, 05:15
Risposte: 6
Visite: 1,871
Five Contesters "Withdraw" Their Logs from CQ WW SSB 2011

The CQ WW DX Contest Committee crackdown on rules violators has snared several top operators, as five amateurs withdrew their entries after being asked about possible rules violations in the 2011 CQ...
Forum: radio-sport.net 08-08-12, 22:11
Risposte: 0
Visite: 1,611
November Sweepstakes to Add Multipliers for 2012

The ARRL is reminding contesters that change is in the air for the venerable November Sweepstakes contest, as the Ontario section in Canada is being divided into four different sections, meaning...
Forum: radio-sport.net 31-07-12, 14:13
Risposte: 0
Visite: 1,466
Contest Focus This Weekend on Islands and U.S. Counties

Along with instituting a new five day log submission deadline, the CQ WW Contest Committee has included a specific rule change for the 2012 CQ WW DX Contests that seeks to crack down on post contest...
Forum: radio-sport.net 25-07-12, 20:31
Risposte: 0
Visite: 1,478
Contest Focus This Weekend on Islands and U.S. Counties

You can give your radios and antennas a bit of a test drive this coming weekend with two different kind of contests, as the popular Islands on the Air test is the main worldwide feature, along with...
Forum: Contesting 22-07-12, 02:28
Risposte: 5
Visite: 1,591
CQ Magazine Moves to 5 Day Contest Log Submission Deadlines

In a major change, CQ Magazine has announced that effective with the CQ WW RTTY Contest in September, all logs must be submitted within five days after the end of the contest, drastically shortening...
Forum: radio-sport.net 21-07-12, 06:40
Risposte: 0
Visite: 1,242
Solar Flare Can't Stop 2012 IARU HF World Championship

The bands were alive with contesters for the 24 hours of the 2012 IARU HF Championship, even though very active solar conditions had some worried the weekend would be a loss, as contest propagation...
Forum: radio-sport.net 09-07-12, 21:05
Risposte: 0
Visite: 1,364
Internet Videos Demonstrate Growing Popularity of IARU Contest

The IARU HF Contest has grown dramatically in recent years - despite less than stellar band conditions - becoming maybe the most popular 24 hour contest, and that's especially true in Europe. One...
Forum: radio-sport.net 22-05-12, 05:48
Risposte: 0
Visite: 1,171
Some Disagree as WRTC Embraces Multi-Two Option for 2014

Organizers of the 2014 World Radiosport Team Championship have released a draft of the rules for that competition, which include one significant change, making it into more of a Multi-Two operation...
Forum: radio-sport.net 22-05-12, 05:48
Risposte: 0
Visite: 1,245
Triple Digit Sunspot Numbers Could Mean Active CQ WPX CW Contest

After some up and down band conditions in the last few months, there is hope that the Sun has entered a new more active sunspot phase, which could well produce big scores and lots of action in this...
Forum: radio-sport.net 15-05-12, 16:53
Risposte: 0
Visite: 1,538
More Contest Activities from Dayton Hamvention Online This Year

For those contesters heading to the Dayton Hamvention, there will be more than enough events to attend - but for those not able to get to the Miami Valley of Ohio this year, your computer can help...
Forum: radio-sport.net 07-04-12, 16:24
Risposte: 0
Visite: 1,267
Up and Down Sun Doesn't Stop New Records in CQ WPX SSB

The rollercoaster that has been propagation in ham radio contesting was once again up and down in the 2012 CQ WPX SSB Contest, but that didn't stop another big turnout and maybe a new Single Operator...
Forum: radio-sport.net 26-02-12, 23:01
Risposte: 0
Visite: 1,284
Sun Remains the Big Story for 2012 ARRL DX SSB

After fantastic worldwide conditions last fall for the CQ WW DX Contests, the sun has not been cooperating so far for contesters in 2012; that was true in the ARRL DX CW test, limiting the best...
Forum: radio-sport.net 13-02-12, 06:45
Risposte: 0
Visite: 1,479
Will the Sun Shine on 2012 ARRL DX CW?

Just as fast as sunspot numbers went up in the latter part of 2011, now they've gone down to lower levels in February, sparking questions about whether this solar cycle has peaked already. One thing...
Forum: radio-sport.net 08-01-12, 14:14
Risposte: 0
Visite: 1,528
Open High Bands Mean More Strategy Choices in NAQP CW

The story is a familiar one now for the January running of the North American QSO Party, with plenty of active sunspots fueling the bands - but with more open bands also come more decisions on how...
Forum: radio-sport.net 01-01-12, 15:40
Risposte: 0
Visite: 1,335
New Year Kicks Off With ARRL RTTY Roundup

After a 2010 contest that saw a number of individual country and W/VE section records set by RTTY contesters, much improved band conditions may spur even more action in this year's first big contest,...
Forum: radio-sport.net 06-12-11, 06:41
Risposte: 0
Visite: 1,467
Fingers Crossed For "Amazing" Conditions in ARRL 10 Meter Test

After suffering through years of ARRL 10 Meter Contests where conditions sounded more like a somewhat dead 6 meter band, the 2011 version could turn out to be a record breaking affair, as contesters...
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