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YASME Dx Foundation and HamRadioWeb partnership for a better radio world

Hello readers,

proud to announce that the YASME DX Foundation in the person of the President Mr. Wayne Mills, announce that our forum is recognized as part of the community that actively work for a better ham radio world.

Wayne offer also, as you can read in the original quote, consulting for both newbies and skilled operator.

After many months and mails, probably some point of view start to change, everyone can contribute for a better radio world, everyone must listen elmers for a better radio world.


I am excited by your group and its work. I will consider you as part of the “team” that works for education. I believe that is the correct direction. I am also available for consulting for newbies or whoever would like to share experience. My experience DXing began in 1957 – so better hurry!

Wayne, N7NG"

As I reply to Wayne N7NG, we try to honour the invite to the YASME team with the best effort we can. Thanks Mr. Wayne, from the whole Hamradioweb community.

Cristiano IZ0IEN

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