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Ten questions for Ten Hams #5: Ed 4L4FN, aka P5/4L4FN..

I still shudder when reading the long awaited response from Ed, 4L4FN. Once again, patience is essential partner in both the radio and in life.

I remember for those who do not know that Ed, a member of the United Nations, was the last voice that operate in radio from North Korea. Until a couple of soldiers knocked on the door of his station and told him "ok, enough."

Because it's in my top ten? Why I was not there at the time, and even if, surely would not be able to contact him... but I would have loved to be there too
The exchange of few emails with him, this is already a great satisfaction ... it's nice to exchange words with those who made ​​the history of radio and is willing to listen to perfect strangers.

Well, I made it long. Guys, Ed 4L4FN:

Q: How did you start with the radio, at what age and with what equipment ?

Actually, I've started with audio, audio amplifiers and my first one in age of 13-14 years was the 25w audio amplifier on a tubes, enormous power isnít it? :-)
Well... most amazing was - it did work, no guarantees on a quality but it did gave out some loud beep!
With radio as such - I have to thank my childhood friend and neighbor who "provoke" me on this, I got engaged deeply and this was soon after of my "audio achievements".

Q: What is your primary activity on the radio now ? Your favourite band and mode?
Sadly, now my activities on a radio equal zero, unfortunately.
As a UN staff moving from country to country frequently facing serious obstacles: or the local "rules and regulations" do not favor such activities or... the job related load doesnít leave a gap for a hobby.
Always loved 15m band and still is my favorite, mode... SSB, RTTY and sometime CW but very little, too rusty for it !

Q: Contests and awards.Like or dislike it?
Job related tight schedule never gave me a chance to participate practically in any competition so, donít really have the real taste of it, awards... who doesnít like it? :-)

Q: Tubes or solid-state?
Depends on a surrounding temperature! :-) ... joking...
As I've mentioned, I've started with tubes, my very first self build TRX was on tubes too (UV3DI) so, of course I still have some attraction to.
Overall - itís a matter of taste.

Q: SDR or traditional radio?
Well... pactor, amtor, rtty and sstv already brought in significant digital flavor into a classic understanding of the HAM radio.
In a times when everything goes digital, believe HAM radio should stay as it was, think we'll regret if we donít.
I canít mentor anyone; some folks like Mozart and Vivaldi but some prefer Boney M, to me - Mozart and Vivaldi!

Q: The most exciting thing you remember about our hobby?
It could be a long list but I know what you are expecting me to say :-)
Yes, after two years of sending applications, asking, reminders and etc...
When it has been confirmed that I can operate from P5 for a limited time, it was a shock, it was a delight, it was excitement and of course it was a pressure, big pressure.
Any of us getting into similar shoes would feel the level of responsibility, responsibility for a task you took on.
To face such a huge community and behave like THEY DESERVE it Ė it is something!
Yes, I've got lucky to be in a right place and right time, how did I handle with - itís not for me to give a score.
My gratitude to my QSL manager KK5DO who took on a heavy job, to all stateside HAM's for absolute support (including equipment), to JA HAM's who were in such close proximity so any of them could easily wipe out any other signal but their gentlemen's behavior gave to the rest of the world my P5.
Believe, I could go on and onÖ lots of folks Deserve my gratitude.
Just want to thank all HAM's who got into my log and my apologies to who didnít.

Q: The worst thing you remember about our hobby?
Yes, had a couple of frustrating episodes but let us remember positives and forget the worst... lets skip this part.

Q: better the "old days" or now?
Better "always" :-), itís been a while I'm OFF air but I'm certain, whenever I'll have a chance to go back to my shack - itís going to be the same good feeling and same excitement with each and every contact.

Q: Radioamateur will survive to digital era?
Hope so, WE should!
We all have the cell phones and the internet isnít it ?
Letís leave the radio in peace!

Q: What would you say to a fresh license, if you were "the elmer" ?
Any "freshman" already felt the thrill of the first contact, happiness brought by first few callsigns in the log, excitement with the first self build aerial ("oh Gosh... it works!") and remembers the kind voice on the other end saying "best of luck, 73!"
All this means something, all this is why we are here so... keep it up folks!

Best 73 de 4L4FN

.. of course, best 73 also from Cristiano IZ0IEN/AB3NT.
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