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6O0CW This forum is to share informations about the DXpedition in Somalia directly with the pilot station(IK7JWY). During the operations, feel free to put your questions or suggestions here. The official web site of the DXpedion is www.i2ysb.com . Have fun.

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Post Worldwide propagation charts

Enrico IZ5CML and I have prepared these worldwide propagation charts, based on the following values of the parameters:
Solar Flux Index = 115 sfu
Geomagnetic activity: Quiet
Transmission Power = 500W
Antennas: 3 el. yagi from 10m to 20m and dipoles from 30m to 160m
These charts can help you to choose the best frequency to work the DXpedition, depending on the area where you are.
If the geomagnetic and ionospheric conditions were to change in the coming days, we will try to update the graphs.
(click on the picture to enlarge)

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73 de ik7jwy Art

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