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E44M DXpedition This forum is to share informations about the DXpedition E44M directly with the pilot station. Before and during the operations, feel free to put your questions or suggestions here. The official web site of the DXpedion is http://www.dxcoffee.com/e44m/ where you can see the log on line. Have fun.

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E44M on 12

It would be nice if E44M listened for Western Europe on 12 between 09and 11 GMT. Their signal was S6-7 QSB today but Middle and Eastern Europe had them at S9+ and it was almost impossible for G,PA and ON to break through that wall.
Apart from that, they are working them hard !
73s "Doc" ON4IZ
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Re: E44M on 12

hello there,
I was pretty sure about my RTTY QSO Jan 5th 11:18Z on 24.920.
I do not need the QSO, I am only interested if it was an error or pirate.

73, HNY
Mike, dj5av
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