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9Q0HQ This forum is to share informations about the DXpedition in Congo directly with the HF pilot station (IK7JWY for HF and IK0FTA for 6m). During the operations, feel free to put your questions or suggestions here. The official web site of the DXpedion is www.i2ysb.com . Have fun.

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Exclamation Latest News

Latest news

ONLY for QSOs in the period 10-25 March 2015 (this DXpedition), the manager for 9QHQ is I2YSB

For info, questions or skeds on the 6m band, please contact ONLY the pilot station Sergio, IK0FTA

For info, questions or problems with the DXpedition LOG, please contact ONLY the pilot station Arturo, IK7JWY

For email messages to the pilot stations: www.qrz.com

Please DO NOT SEND Email messages about the DXpedition to the Team. They will NOT be answered.

For updates about the DXpedition please visit the official forum:


If a suitable internet connection will be available, the ONLINE REAL-TIME LOG will be at the address http://win.i2ysb.com/logonline/defau..._dxpedition=38
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Re: 6m operation

I was very pleased to see that you will be at 9Q0HQ during the best days of the month for 6m EME (March 17-22), with March 18 and 19 being the best days. On those days, your moonset is just before sunset. Since you have all the necessary equipment for putting out a good signal on JT65A mode when your moon is below 20 degrees elevation, I hope you will be QRV at least on those best days. Please advise the 6m EME community what frequency you will be using for 6m EME, or sign onto the ON4KST EME CHAT page (if you have internet capability) and let us know where to look for you on JT65A mode. DXpeditions usually TX FIRST sequence JT65A. A complete step-by-step setup checklist for successful use of JT65A on 6m EME is here:


Please let us know if you can be the first to activate 9Q on 6m EME - the only way 6m stations in NA will ever be able to contact 9Q. By the way, all contacts with NA stations will be new, since 9Q has NEVER been contacted on 6m from NA before!

GL and please let us know if there is any way we can help you be successful on 6m EME from 9Q! MNI TNX and GL! VY 73, Lance W7GJ
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