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DXCC e 60 Mt

Cari Amici,
a seguito di alcune sollecitazioni ho posto il seguente quesito all'ARRL

From: i1jqj@ari.it
Sent: Sunday, December 30, 2018 9:01 AM
To: dxccrules <Dxccrules@arrl.org>
Subject: DXCC and 60m

as a DXCC Card Checker, I have been asked if 60m QSOs acceptable for DXCC credit.
Now, I know they do not count towards the Challenge, and that there is not a separate certificate for 60m. But can they be accepted for the Mixed, Phone, CW or Digital awards?
Thank you in adavance, and best wishes for the New Year to you all.


Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ

Oggi ho ricevuto la risposta che credo possa essere di interesse generale:

Good Evening Mauro,
Thank you for your email, and I apologize for just getting back to you.
No, 60 Meters/5MHz is not accepted for any awards, and there’s no talks of this band ever being accepted for DXCC.
I hope this helps!


Sabrina - DXCC
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