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Ten questions for Ten hams #4: we got Mr.#1 CW DXCC, W9KNI..

A sweet sunrise with some peak hills in the shadows.. thats look opening the QRZ.COM page of W9KNI, Mr Robert "Bob" Locher.

On the biography the reader immediately feel a sense that merge patience and modesty, and the phrase that knock me down is reading " In late 2010 I added a 3 element 30 meter yagi and am having fun learning propagation for that band." - wow, the #1 in the DXCC CW score table that *still admit to learn*!!

Those are elmers, those are Radio Amateurs.
L&G, let's roll out the ten questions :

Q: How did you start with the radio, at what age and with what equipment ?

I started at the age of 14. I was introduced to Amateur radio by Art Collins, W0CXX, who was the famous founder of Collins Radio, and who was a family friend.
By first station was a military surplus BC-455 receiver and a Heathkit AT-1 and a 40 meter dipole.

Q: What is your primary activity on the radio now ? Your favourite
bands and modes?

First and foremost I love CW, particularly CW DX'ing. My favorite bands are 40, 30 and 20 meters.

Q: Contests and awards.. you like or dislike it?

I am not a contester, at least not the 48 hour kind, except as an opportunity to pick off some interesting DX and to get a little pile-up practice. But I am very much a fan of the mixed DXCC and CW-DXCC programs, and I especially love the CQ DX Marathon program. (see: http://dxmarathon.com/)

Q: Tubes or solid-state technology?

My presnt station is all solid state - a K3 and a KPA-500. But I also have available an Ameritron AL-1200 which uses a 3CX1200 tube good for our maximum legal power of 1500 watts output.

Q: SDR or traditional radio? What is your point about the incoming new

My transceiver is a K3, which is basically a SDR radio with an attached interface using knob controls. This is ideal for me - I much prefer knobs to mice and a keyboard.

Q: The most exciting thing you remember about our hobby?

Tough question. There are too many happy memories, too many friendships world wide to have to be able to pick one.

Q: The worst thing you remember about our hobby?

Some of the people who use the hobby in such ways that can only harm it. People who use embarrassing language, people who display bigotry over the air, people who deliberately QRM other stations, these things are the worst.

Q: better in the "old days" or nowaday?

I think the late 1970s and early 1980s were the best period - good equipment, good conditions and lots of HF activity. But it is still fun today and we have the best equipment ever. I just wish we had more activity.

Q: Radioamateurs will survive to digital era?

Of course.

Q: What would you say to a fresh license, if you were "the elmer" ?

I'd say first, remember that ham radio is a hobby. A hobby is something that should be fun and rewarding. If it stops being fun, quit. If it is fun for you, honor the institution of the hobby by being responsible to it.

Second, do not let it control your life. Your health, your family and your career come first.

Third - learn and become proficient on CW - I believe it offers the best of ham radio. Learning CW requires effort but it is well worth it.

And, a special one #11 question, Q: 357 DXCC on CW : what entities
make the difference, and you think that someone can beat this #1
position in the near future ?

Well, I still need a CW QSO with North Korea. But I have more deleted countries than anyone else has submitted. As a practical matter I don't see how someone can beat me as long as I remain healthy and active on the air. But that is how the DXCC Program works. On the other hand, the CQ DX Marathon starts over every year and the beauty of that program is that any one can will from almost anywhere if he or she wants it bad enough. I think that is great.



73 also to you Bob, and thank you for coming aboard HamRadioWeb !!

Cristiano IZ0IEN/AB3NT
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Re: Ten questions for Ten hams #4: we got Mr.#1 CW DXCC, W9KNI..

this Radioamateur in this moment is the number 1 , the only 1
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