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Cluster 2.0 - give a try to rewrite spot rules..

Hello readers,

as many people can see reading around on the web, DX cluster abuse by morphing call or offending other people is one of the great plagues of ham radio activity today. Well, someone can also say that is not mandatory to use the DXcluster, but sadly the effects of a comportamental abuse on the cluster is reflected also to non-users of the system.

Mr Felipe, PY1NB, is one of my favourite resources when I want to play some radio in relax. He is the administrator of two sites, dxwatch.com and reversebeacon.net
Talking about the argument we are discussing, since the begin of his digital life, dxwatch.com ask for mandatory authentication of the spotter. The other big player, dxsummit.fi (aka radioarcala) don't ask for mandatory authentication but say that log your IP.

Spoofing a IP is a relatively easy thing to do.

Conclusion are obvious - what is easiest, that you local telco police sit down and hear you because someone morph your call and you want to prosecute him because you have his (fake ??) IP, or that a HAM sysop of the local node that originate the spot look into auth database, take an eyeball with the offender or just an email, saying that next fake spot will be published with real identity of the offender on the most readed DX bullettins of the world ?

Contribute are welcome. I whispered something here:

Many whispers build a loud voice. Or stop complain ever and don't use anymore the cluster, for whom that are feeling bad after a fake spot.

Thanks for reading until here,

Cristiano IZ0IEN.

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