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Latest SDO AIA0304 Image of the Sun     s



Latest SIDC image of the Earth facing active regions on the Sun

See all the facing Earth active regions on the Sun here


      Latest SDO Continuum  Image of the Suns




The STEREO Ahead observatory is currently performing as expected, and taking science data on a regular basis.

Communications with the STEREO Behind spacecraft were interrupted on October 1, 2014 immediately after a planned reset of the spacecraft performed as part of a test of solar conjunction operations. There have been no successful communications since then, though attempts to recover the spacecraft continue.  

Please see this link for more information about solar conjunction 

More info about the state of STEREO Behind



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Indices of Geomagnetic Activity

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(-1 = missing data)


Solar X-Rays : status   h 


Geomagnetic Field : kpstatus


                      NOAA Warnings


North Pole absorption              . 


Global absorption


               South Pole absorption

Look at the last LASCO C2 movie for any CME

click on to see the movie (15MB)        .


Look at the last SOLEN picture for any Coronal Hole

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Solar Wind

If the Magnetic Field Bz component is pointing south, it's no good 




North Pole Aurora Forecast         


        South Pole Aurora Forecast


Latest DPS ionogram from Rome


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