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Updated until January 11, 2009 at 06:00 UTC

for any problem, please send email only to qsle44m@gmail.com

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We will answer via DIRECT, BURO, LOTW in reasonable time.

The Manager for BURO CARDS is SP3DOI

The Manager for direct cards is IZ0BTV

In any case this is our QSL Policy:




You can request Your BURO card, sending yours on the same way, but it will take a long time. We suggest You at the same time to request it via email at this address: QSLE44M@gmail.com. Your request must be clear and complete, with all the details ( your callsign, time, RST, date, modeÖ). Please donít send us multiple email for each QSOís, only one, with all your QSO will be enoght. The incomplete emails without these will be ignored. BURO cards will be managed after the direct ones. As You know, it could take long time. Now you are informed so be patience or send a direct QSL if You are in hurry.


The station E44M will update as soon as possible his log to Log of the World. If You have problem, write to qsle44m@gmail.com .

BURO and LOTW are not cheap, they are completely free for You! The gratuitousness of these services may feel yourself in debt with the QSL manager. So, If You want to offer a coffee to him press here.