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    Thanks to my friendship with Paul Ewing N6PSE, I can offer you this exclusive interview
    for the readers of Ham Radio Web, on the next expedition of the Intrepid DX group to the
    island of Bouvet in the South Atlantic, one for the most inaccessible places in the world.
    ...word to Paul:

    1) Why the Intrepid team choose to activate Bouvet Island, a target so difficult and expensive?
    We enjoy making challenging/difficult activations. We push ourselves to go to the extreme places.
    Activating South Sandwich and South Georgia in 2016 prepared us well for Bouvet.

    2) Getting a license was complicated?
    Ken-LA7GIA was able to get a license without difficulty. Anyone can land on Bouvet. A permit is required
    to land a Helicopter. It is probably the most rare place with easy permission requirements.

    3) There was another DXpedition planned to Bouvet for next winter. If this expedition is successful,
    do you plan to go ahead with your plan anyway?
    Yes, if there is a need, we will go there to satisfy it. The DX Community is urging us to move forward
    with our plans as they know our history and determination. We have the right ship, the right team
    and the best equipment and technology.

    4) Have you had contact with this team??
    Yes, we have had several cordial exchanges.

    5) How is the journey plan (I saw you've rent the veteran boat Braveheart), and how long should be the trip?
    Our ship charter is for 42 days round trip from Cape Town. It will take 9-10 days to reach Bouvet and we plan
    o be at Bouvet for twenty days.

    6) Everybody knows that a Dxpedition to Bouvet (in the middle of nowhere) is a very hard effort, but can
    you explain to Italian dxers why is so expensive and dangerous and how we can help you, before the departure?

    It is said that Bouvet is the most remote place on earth. It is also known for rough seas and harsh weather. There
    are few ships willing to go to Bouvet. Our ship owner tells us that there is no safe anchorage near Bouvet and that
    they will be in motion fighting the winds and seas at all times to stay near us. Our ship charter is our largest cost.
    Donations in the months prior to our departure help us the most to achieve our goals.

    7) I think that for landing on the island you’ll do it with a chopper. Isn’t? In which part of the island do you
    intend to plant base camp? Will you be open for Europe?

    We have determined that we can make a safe and effective landing via small boat and will not require a helicopter.
    We have assembled a younger, fit team who will have to do a lot of “heavy lifting” This will be quite the physical
    and mental challenge. We have two campsites in mind and working EU will not be difficult. We ask everyone to
    use good techniques, full calls when calling us. Please listen and do not interfere when we are calling someone
    else. This will help the pileup to go fast as possible.

    8) You think that you'll make many FT8 over there? CW and SSB will be used as well?
    We will do CW/SSB and Digital. FT8/FT4 will be included.

    9) You think you’ll use also low bands (30-40-60-80-160m)?
    Yes, we plan to use 10-160 meters. We have many strong low band men on our team
    who are excited about putting on a good show from Bouvet.

    10) What's are antennas you'll set up on the island? Beam, Yagi, Verticals, Beverages?

    We will use Yagi antennas on 10-12-15-17 and 20 meters. We will use verticals and receive
    antennas on the low bands of 30,40, 80 and 160 meters.

    11) About equipment, I see that Expert will help, you will have the K4? And about amplifiers?

    We will use eight Elecraft K4 radios. We will have eight complete stations using the Expert 1.3K-FA amplifiers.

    12) How many stations you think to have on air when everything will be all settled completely?
    We will have eight stations and spare equipment for any failures that arise.

    13) For to activate number two on most wanted DXCC, how you formed the team? You think that
    14 operators are enough for the matter?

    The Braveheart is only authorized for 14 passengers. No more are allowed. We have selected a young,
    fit team who can take the physical and mental challenges ahead.

    14) What's your advice and recommendations to all DXers, especially Italian operators to work you on the bands?

    Follow the DX Code of Conduct. Listen carefully and don’t transmit over others when we are calling back to them.
    Adjust your Mic volume and use good audio so that you can be heard clearly. Do not shout into your microphone
    as this sounds very bad from the other end of the pileup.

    We want 3Y0J to be a fun and enjoyable Dxpedition. We will use good operating practices on our end and we will
    try to maximize the contacts and leave no one underserved. We hope that upon conclusion, everyone says,
    “wow those guys did a great job, where will they go next?”

    Thanks a lot Paul ! I hope to meet you very soon again , maybe for a dxpedition all together!

    73 Brix
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    Temo che il covid abbia fatto altri danni


    IW2CAM Dante


    • #3
      Purtroppo non posso che confermare:

      la spedizione è cancellata!

      Paolo I4EWH


      • #4
        Però non demordono e stanno cercando un accordo con la nuova proprietà ed il consolidato skipper (fonte ARRL+DailyDX).
        Marco, i4mfa w4mfa


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          Speriamo che gli dei ci aiutino. E teniamo presente che a questo punto una piccola donazione può essere molto importante.

          Paolo I4EWH


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            Aspettando gli dei, qualche nozione in più

            p.s qualcuno dia una licenza Suaria!

            73, Claudio



            • #7
              Suggerisco al minuto 2 e 45 secondi la visualizzazione in "mute+subtitles" che fa apparire la traduzione Google del parlato...
              ... non avrei mai pensato che fosse cosi' precisa!
              Marco, i4mfa w4mfa


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                Ecco il video suggerito da LEC che mi ha segnalato anche il buon Gabry IT9RGY

                DX ! What else !?


                • #9
                  Ed ecco il fotogramma suggerito da MFA...
                  Isola di bufale
                  Fra pochi giorni, per un mesetto la smetto di importunare... e vado in W7, W0, W6. 73s!
                  Marco, i4mfa w4mfa


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                    Ed ecco l'ultimo aggiornamento



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                      Grazie Claudio per il link sopra bello dettagliato ed aggiornato con le ultime esperienze del team, Adrian KO8SCA, membro del team di Bouvet 3Y0J, è molto chiaro e preciso nelle spiegazioni.

                      Credo che questa impresa vada supportata, per cui ben venga il nuovo video, che possa raggiungere e sensibilizzare altre persone di buona volontà, altre donazioni, per raggiungere la copertura completa del loro imponente budget di spesa.

                      73 Sergio, IK4AUY.


                      • #12
                        Ciao Sergio,
                        in effetti è così, per non parlare del protocollo e dell'organizzazione, aspetti imprescendibili a garanzia del buon esito, e preventivamente per il coinvolgimento degli sponsor e la conseguente raccolta fondi, 100k$ da una singola organizzazione!!?? Thumb up

                        73, Claudio


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                          Streaming appena conclusosi presentazione a cura di KP4G, credo dovremmo prendere qualche spunto!!


                          73, LEC


                          Sto operando...