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PSE remind exact JA SR

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  • PSE remind exact JA SR

    Thanks for J5T guys call QRZ JA for JA sunrise.
    However, they misread exact JA SR time frame.
    Japanese islands lie north to south so that SR starts earlier
    from northern part of JA at 2100Z.
    Actually, this morning J5T starts calling QRZ JA later than
    2130Z and barely made QSOs with JA8, JA7, JA0 and JA1
    areas located in northern part of JA.

    It would be good for JA if J5T call JA earlier than 2100Z at
    the latest.

    73 Ken JN7FAH

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    Re: PSE remind exact JA SR

    Thank you Ken for your suggestion. Already talked about to the team leader.
    73 de IK7JWY Art


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      Re: PSE remind exact JA SR

      Hi Art,

      Thanks for your help.
      Low band condition was not good today, but I got a QSO on 40m SSB.
      It seems like only few JA heard them on 160m.
      I couldn't hear.

      Let's our fingers crossed for them.

      73 Ken JN7FAH


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