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Ten Questions for Ten Hams: Miss Ada, I1MQ

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  • Ten Questions for Ten Hams: Miss Ada, I1MQ

    May 1937. Strange question for Giovanni I1MQ, that Russian did not remember just have it in the log... double-check the log, nothing. Same thing with an Italian 2 months ago ... flashed across a doubt, he touched the PA output triode. Warm. He waited the next day and had the confirmation: Ada's daughter, 13 year old at the time, had inherited in full passion of his father and learned the morse code just listening him. She take advantage of the absence of the father to make connections with I1MQ call...

    It's a lady with a sweet voice that answer at the other side of the telephone. I1MQ Ada, Miss Ada Garibaldi Ricchetti, so happy that i have some questions about her radio activity. I don't ask her the classic 10 questions, although despite her 87 years maybe she can respond to 15 questions .. I let me take from her enthusiasm, she's very happy to hear a new voice that ask something about the Radio.
    I decided to let her tell me the facts, without any question asked by me .
    She kindly ask about my call, and when he hears the IZ0 prefix said me "ah, but you are a rookie you then! A young newbie!" ... after 74 years of radio played, she can judge anyone! Makes a nice chat, she is asking questions like if I have in my shack valvestate radios, and my response that I have a Geloso G4/218 she said very serious "good, i warn you : DON'T give out that receiver ! " Good point Ada, it will be forever in my shack, for sure.
    I ask what are the best things she remember about the radio: in addition to QSOs made in secret by her father, what she is most proud is teh fact that with her ability in morse code she served our country, Italy, like an Italian,like a soldier and like a mother. The worst thing is that she now must stay away from the key, from 4-5 months ago, because her hands must rest. "But," she says - "I always listen to you, eh!"
    Faithful to the straight key, ask me if I telegraphy .. "Else" - he says - "if you've never used a key you can not say you was really a radioamateur."

    I greet you with a heavy heart, so reluctantly, with one last question .. "Ada, what would you say to"rookies" like me today regarding the radio? Any advice? "

    "You must always be faithful to the radio. Whether you use once a year or every day, you always think that teh radio was part of your life. Don't forget the radio for the Internet, cell phones, and all the modern gadgets that are out there now."

    Thanks Grandma Ada, who had many QSO with Adriano Cavalieri Ducati ... very proud to have had a chat with you, even if we spoke with "gadgets" that you hate so much !

    I1MQ de IZ0IEN AR SK . .
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    Re: Ten Questions for Ten Hams: Miss Ada, I1MQ

    13/09/2016, a very sad new : Ada is SK....good bye dear friend
    Helga, in3fhe


    Sto operando...